Zero88 FLX Lighting Console

Zero88 FLX Lighting Console

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Designed to save you time and maximise your creativity, the FLX lighting console is fully featured, portable and easy to use.

From design to manufacture, FLX has been developed to work in a wide range of demanding situations, with specific considerations for live events & hire, touring productions, multi purpose venues, theatres and educational applications.

Whatever your background, FLX will feel instantly recognisable, due to the industry standard familiar syntax and intuitive fader-per-channel intensity control. FLX gives you unlimited access to 2048 channels, with no fixture patch limitations and no expensive upgrades ever needed.

FLX gives you more time to do what you do best – be creative. Tools such as Patch Wizard and Auto Palettes do all the prep work, getting you ready to operate quicker than ever before. Programming time is reduced with a simple three-step programming method for moving lights, colour changing and conventionals - what you want, how you want it, where you want it. And for all those really important features you need over and over again – you always have direct instant access via the Z button.

Picking exactly the right colour is no longer a laborious task! Quickly and accurately create the colour you want using either the encoder wheels, or the built in touch screen colour picker and quickly record it straight onto any of the 240 instant-access colour palettes, to recall later.

  • Internal capacitive multi-touch screen
  • Colour picking, mixing & image capture
  • Filter libraries by Lee Filters, Rosco and Apollo
  • Mood Boards by Lee Filters
  • Additive, subtractive and HSV control
  • 4 encoder wheels
  • Built-in fixture library
  • 241 playbacks
  • 2048 freely assignable channels for moving lights, LED and conventionals
  • User Definable Keys (UDKs)
  • Scratch-resistant rugged dual-skin construction
  • Quiet, dust free, fanless operation
  • USB pluggable Wings available
  • Optional external touch screen

Hardware - Front Panel

  • 24 Multifunctional Faders (channels or playbacks, with select or go buttons)
  • Internal 7” multi-touch screen (using ‘PCAP’ technology)
  • Master Playback with Go Button playback, pause and master intensity
  • 4 embedded encoder wheels with select buttons
  • 4 User Definable Keys (advanced functionality or programmable)
  • Syntax Keys with familiar layout
  • Grand Master and Blackout button

Hardware - Inputs/Outputs

  • 2 Neutrik 5-pin XLR connectors for DMX output (RDM ready)
  • Ethernet via Neutrik etherCON (Visualisation, Remote Apps and Tracking Backup)
  • 4 Universes over Ethernet using Art-Net or sACN
  • 5 multipurpose USB ports (saving shows, connection of accessories & wings, software updates)
  • 1 DVI-D monitor output (optional touch screen control)
  • Midi In/Thru (Notes, Time-code, Show Control)
  • 8 Contact Closure triggers via D-Sub connector
  • 6.35mm (1/4”) Jack input for Sound to light
  • Internal power supply (Neutrik powerCON connector)

Software - capacity

  • 2048 control channels
  • 241 Playbacks (equivalent of Cue Stacks, Submasters or Chases)
  • 10,000 cues
  • 4 x 240 Palettes (Colour, Beam, Shape, Position)
  • 240 Effect palettes, with fully customisable effects engine
  • 240 groups
  • 240 macros

Software - features

  • Familiar Command Line interface
  • Integrated colour picker, filter lookups, “Mood Boards by LEE Filters”
  • Stage sizing and positioning
  • Extensive fixture library from Carallon
  • Auto palettes, groups and fixture macros
  • Gobo previews and library
  • Move on Dark
  • Tracking and Non-Tracking modes available
  • Support for wireless remote control through handheld devices and remote monitors
  • Support for Tracking Backup over Ethernet
  • Model No: 0020-000004-00